11 Best and Most Expensive Tiger Woods Cards: Invest in Golf History

Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods has established himself not only as a golf legend but as one of the most recognized athletes globally. His skill was evident from a tender age, gracing television screens and renowned publications like Golf Digest before even starting school. Woods continued to shatter expectations, amassing accolades such as 82 PGA Tour wins and clinching the PGA Player of the Year award ten times.

Beyond his golf prowess, Woods became an emblem of diversity and racial progress in America. As the first Black golfer to win the US Masters—and at a record-setting 18 under par at age 21—he helped to redefine an era of sports and social boundaries. This dual impact of his professional and cultural significance has cemented his status in the realm of memorabilia, making Tiger Woods cards a lucrative commodity in the world of sports card collecting despite golf cards often occupying a niche position in the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Tiger Woods’ early exposure and sustained success have made his memorabilia highly collectible.
  • His contributions to both golf and societal progress elevate his status beyond just sports.
  • Tiger Woods cards remain a valuable asset in a market inclined towards more traditional trading cards.

2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger Woods #1

The 2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger Woods #1 card has become a cornerstone for collectors. Featuring Tiger Woods, the card’s value is reflected in the fact that a PSA 10 grade recently sold for $415.

  • Key Attributes
    • Celebratory action shot of Tiger Woods, symbolizing his prowess on the golf course.
    • Regarded by Upper Deck as Tiger Woods’ rookie card, despite other earlier issues.
    • Part of the first comprehensive golf set by Upper Deck in almost a decade.
    • Considered essential for any Tiger Woods memorabilia collection.

The significance of this card stems not only from it showcasing the world-renowned golfer but also from the broader context that golf cards are not typically at the forefront of the trading card hobby. Tiger Woods, with his exceptional career, is singled out as the impetus for Upper Deck’s venture into golf cards.

The card is esteemed not only for its iconic imagery but also for its accessibility to collectors, balancing collectibility and availability well. The card’s existence serves as a testament to Tiger Woods’ profound impact on the sport and the trading card industry, further illustrated by the link: 2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger Woods #1.

It remains a highly sought-after piece, transcending typical sports card expectations and immortalizing a key moment in Tiger Woods’ illustrious career.

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2012 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Duals Tiger Woods / Michael Jordan #ST2TM Autograph

The 2012 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Duals featuring the autographs of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan is a notable card for collectors of golf and basketball memorabilia. With the signatures of two of the 1990s’ most iconic athletes, this card merges the legacies of both sports on a single piece of collectible history. Despite the individual autographs of Woods and Jordan typically commanding high prices, the #ST2TM card’s value seems more modest, especially considering its rarity.


  • Condition: A card-graded PSA 10 exemplifies perfect condition, free from any flaws such as off-centering, print errors, or corner damage.
  • Price: The PSA 10 variant of this card sold for $3,450.
  • Rarity: As of now, only one PSA 10 grade is known to exist, illustrating its scarcity in the market.

Factors Affecting Value:

  • Market Timing: The last sale recorded in 2019 predates the surge in trading card prices observed during the following years.
  • Card Aesthetics: The card’s design receives mixed reactions, with the depicted expressions of Woods and Jordan potentially impacting its overall appeal.

The card represents a unique piece of sports history, bringing together the prowess of Woods’s golfing mastery and Jordan’s basketball dominance. Collectors might speculate on its potential value increase, considering the upward trend in the trading card market and the card’s significant scarcity.

1997 Tiger Woods Sported! Magazine Shooting Stars

  • Sold at a Premium: A pristine condition (PSA 10) card recently fetched $8,000.
  • Scarce Early Memorabilia: Prior to his officially licensed cards in 2021, collectors sought limited-issue cards from alternative sources like magazines.
  • Design Applause: The card’s design rivals or exceeds some mainstream card designs from the same era.
  • Visual Appeal: Despite the busy array of multiple images, the card effectively captures and represents the essence of the year it was released.

Note: The 1997 Tiger Woods Sported! Magazine card remains a unique collectible, embodying his early career’s energy and the collectible landscape’s zeitgeist before traditional card releases took hold.

2012 SP Game Used Golf Inked Drivers Silver Tiger Woods #IDTW Autograph

2012 SP Game Used Golf Inked Drivers Silver Tiger Woods #IDTW Autograph
  • The card features a distinctive design reminiscent of a driver’s head face.
  • Not actual game-used memorabilia; the title “Game Used Golf” may be misleading.

Noteworthy Sale:

  • A PSA 10 grade of this card reached a sale price of $8,520.


  • Offers two additional limited-edition parallels:

    • Black: Limited to 25 copies
    • Red & White: Even more exclusive with just 5 copies
  • Despite the name, the 2012 SP Game Used Golf Inked Drivers Silver Tiger Woods #IDTW card is at a reasonable price point for collectors.

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2013 Goodwin Champions Sport Royalty Autographs Tiger Woods #SRATW

  • Description: A highly sought-after collectible from the Goodwin Champions Series.
  • Design: Modern take on the 1933 Sports King classic designs.
  • Highlight: The silhouettes coupled with a large white border beautifully complement Tiger Woods’ autograph.
  • Market Value: A gem mint example graded PSA 10 fetched $11,000.
  • Popularity: Known for its attribution to one of golf’s greats, this autograph card combines vintage appeal with contemporary style.
  • Signature: Tiger Woods’ autograph is featured prominently, praised for its elegance.

2013 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Master Collection Exquisite Rookie Patch Autograph Tiger Woods #ERP-TW /25

The 2013 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Master Collection has produced a highly sought-after card known as the Exquisite Rookie Patch Autograph Tiger Woods, with the identifier #ERP-TW and limited to just 25 serial-numbered copies. Collectors value this card for a number of reasons:

  • Serial-Numbered Prestige: Only 25 copies exist, making it a rare collector’s item.
  • Autograph Quality: Each card features Tiger Woods’ signature, adding a personal touch from the golf legend.
  • Patch Variation: Patches on the card vary, with some simple designs and others boasting more intricate patterns against a white backdrop.
  • Celebratory Imagery: A photo of Woods in a triumphant pose enhances the visual appeal of the card.

A premium piece from the Master Collection, the Exquisite Rookie Patch Autograph card not only boasts the rarity and quality of the set but also combines the allure of a patch card with the distinctiveness of an autograph. With the variation in patches, each card offers a unique aesthetic for collectors.

Values for these cards can be substantial; for instance, a card graded PSA 10 from this set has fetched $14,500 at auction. It represents a significant piece in the world of golf card collecting, juxtaposing collectibility with iconic imagery. While the card is not an actual rookie card due to its production year, it does not diminish the market interest or the intrinsic value that collectors have placed on this golf card memorabilia.

2001 Tiger Woods Upper Deck Gallery Autograph #GG-TW

Key DetailDescription
Card Number#GG-TW
Print RunLimited to 50 copies
Grading RecordOnly 3 cards have achieved a PSA 10 rating
Recent SaleA PSA 10 version sold for $25,000
SignatureTiger Woods’ autograph featured on the card
NoteworthyAmong the first autograph cards with hand-numbering

In the realm of golf collectibles, the 2001 Tiger Woods Upper Deck Gallery Autograph holds a special place. It is hailed as a valuable collectible due to its scarcity and the golfer’s prestigious status. This card is particularly notable for being one of Tiger Woods’s initial autograph cards, coupled with its unique attribute of being hand-numbered—an innovative feature at the time of its release. Collectors seeking to enhance their assortment should closely monitor the market for ungraded copies to potentially submit for professional grading at recognized institutions like PSA or BGS. The combination of Tiger Woods’s appealing signature and its low print run solidifies this card as a significant piece of sports memorabilia.

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1996 Sports Illustrated for Kids Tiger Woods Rookie Card #536

  • Card Significance: Earliest Tiger Woods card, classified as a true rookie card.
  • Card Rarity: Notoriously difficult to grade due to perforated edges and frequent handling by children.
  • Card Condition: A card in pristine condition (PSA 10) was sold for $41,544, indicating its substantial value among collectors.
  • Collection Context: The card was part of a sheet of nine, often torn apart, making intact specimens rare.

Preservation Tip: Kept intact, the Sports Illustrated for Kids sheets can yield a high-value collectible.

1996 Sports Illustrated for Kids Tiger Woods Rookie Card #536

1998 Tiger Woods Champions of Golf Masters Collection

The 1998 Tiger Woods Champions of Golf Masters Collection features a unique design that captures a significant moment in golf history. Here are the key details:

  • Design Appeal: The card set exhibits a minimalist, slender design that may not align with every collector’s tastes compared to traditional golf cards.
  • Historic Significance: It commemorates Tiger Woods’ triumph at the 1997 US Masters, where he prevailed by 12 strokes, becoming the first golfer of African-American and Asian descent to win the tournament.
  • Market Value:

    • A gem mint condition card (PSA 10) recently sold for $64,316.
    • The gold foil variant at PSA 9 fetched $2,390.
  • Scarcity: Rarity significantly enhances the value, with very few top-grade cards available.

    • Standard card gems: Only two in existence.
    • Gold foil gems: None have reached the top grade.

Collectors recognize the 1998 collection not just for its aesthetic but also for the groundbreaking achievement it represents in the sport’s history. The scarcity of the cards, particularly in top condition, underlines their desirability in the collectibles market.

2001 SP Authentic Tiger Woods RC #45 Autograph #/900

  • Overview: A collectible autograph card featuring Tiger Woods.
  • Release Year: 2001 by SP Authentic.
  • Card Number: #45.
  • Print Run: Limited to 900 copies.
  • Signature: On-card autograph by Tiger Woods.


  • The regular version, graded PSA 10, fetched $49,200.
  • The gold variant, with only 100 copies and a PSA 10 grade, reached $116,400 due to extreme scarcity (only 16 PSA 10s).

Features & Popularity:

  • Early Autograph: Representing one of the early autographs of Tiger Woods in card form.
  • Numbering: Adds to the card’s collectability due to the limited print run.
  • Materials and Design: High-quality construction known of SP cards.
  • Photography: Captures the focus Tiger Woods is renowned for on the golf course.


  • Regular version: Limited to 900.
  • Gold version: Even more exclusive with only 100 copies.

Market Appeal:

  • The card’s scarcity, particularly the gold version, makes it a high-value item for collectors.
  • Autographs being a novel insertion in cards at the time adds historical value.

Final Word On The Best And Most Expensive Tiger Woods Cards

  • Investment Potential: Woods’ cards, reminiscent of the golden age of Sam Snead, often surpass expectations at auctions.
  • eBay Bidding: Keep an eye on Tiger’s cards; his PGA Tour wins and majors place him alongside Jack Nicklaus in the Hall of Fame.
  • Collectible Values: Major championships impact the market, with some Woods cards from Upper Deck fetching high bids, reflecting his status as one of the greatest golfers.